DENTal TRIbology and food controls: an innovative combination
for characterizing the evolution of herbivorous mammalian communities

Principal investigators

Type of project

TRIDENT is a Projet de Recherche Collaboratif of the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (2017-2021).

Research question

TRIDENT is an interdisciplinary project combining human and technic competences in agronomy (Mourier Farm Station), tribology (Institut Pprime) and paleontology (PALEVOPRIM). TRIDENT aims at investigating the ecology of herbivorous mammals through dietary behaviour analysis.

For this, the project will develop dietary reconstruction models thanks to new technical advances of textural surface analysis applied to a dataset resulting from an ambitious controlled-food testing on domestic sheep.

We have found that different diets generate different types of abrasion on sheep teeth and that the ingestion of dust do not overwhelmed the biotic signal. This reinforces the relevance of dental microwear texture analysis to explore the ecology of extinct species of mammals.


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Iconic publications

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