Paleontological Expedition in the Miocene basins of Morocco

Ait Kandoula basin, South of the High Atlas & Guercif basin, middle Moulouya

The Ait Kandoula sequence provide reliable continental references
for the Middle to Upper Miocene of Morocco and North Africa

Principal investigator

Research question

Several fossiliferous localities of vertebrate have been found in the Miocene deposits of this basin. The new prospections aim to complete our knowledge of the role of North Africa in the evolutionary history of late Miocene African mammalian communities. The potential is comparable to that of other countries such as Chad and Kenya.

Some results

Since 2008, our team has conducting a major paleontological and geological research activity in the Miocene continental basins of Morocco. Recently field work have allowed us to discover rich sites with micro- and large mammals remains.

Mission organization

The research mission is piloted at PALEVOPRIM as part of the international collaboration between the University of Poitiers and the University of Kenitra.


This project was supported by CNRS-CoopIntEER and PALEVOPRIM.

Iconic publications

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