Human Ancestors Dispersal: the role of Climate

How much did climate impact hominoid dispersions along Neogene times

Principal investigators

Type of project

HADoC is a Projet de Recherche Collaboratif of the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (2017-2021).

Research question

HADoC aims to compare the climatic niche of Eurasian and African hominoids and their real distribution at key moment of their histories: at the time of their great transcontinental dispersions.

Some results

The work has just begun.


HADoC is coordinated at the LSCE where climatic simulations are processed. Beside climate modellers, the consortium includes paleontologists from PALEVOPRIM and the CEREGE and a specialist of niche modelling in ancient contexts from PACEA. Among them two post-docs have yet been recruited, Camille Contoux (LSCE) and Corentin Gibert (PALEVOPRIM), and a third one is planned.

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Iconic publications

Banks, W.E., d’Errico, F., Zilhão, J., 2013. Human-climate interaction during the Early Palaeolithic: testing the hypothesis of an adaptive shift between the Proto-Aurignacian and the Early Aurignacian. Journal of Human Evolution 64:39–55.

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Pinton, A., Agnèse, J.F., Paugy, D., Otero, O. 2013 – A large-scale phylogeny of Synodontis (Mochokidae, Siluriformes) reveals the influence of geological events on continental diversity during the Cenozoic. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 66 (2013): 1027–1040.



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