Assessing the Amplitudes of Seasonality
in Continental Archaeological and Paleontological Contexts

Principal investigators

Main collaborators

Type of project

ASAP is a research project granted by Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (2019-2023)

Research questions

ASAP aims the development, the calibration and the validation of two independent methods for the quantification of changes in the intensity of seasonal contrasts in the past. It is notably based on the study of growth marks recorded in the bone remains of ecthoterm animal fossils, and on the analysis of functional associations in fossil assemblages.

Some results

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ASAP is articulated with ANR HADoC and OLD. The consortium brings together colleagues from PALEVOPRIM and EBI (Poitiers), CEREGE (Aix) and PACEA (Bordeaux).

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Iconic publications

Gardin A., Réveillac E., Lafitte A., Valentin L, Lapalus F., Bouchon D., Otero O. & Garcia G. In prep. An experimental study to estimate the relative impact of seasonal factors on growth rate and growth rate record in tropical freshwater fish and turtle.

Lapalus F., Otero O., Nekoulnang Djetounako C., Adoum M., Pinton A., de Rafélis M., Ségalen L., Likius A., Vignaud P., Brunet M., Garcia G. 2018. Perspectives on the use of growth rate patterns in fossil ectotherm bones to characterise ancient continental environments: case study in Late Neogene sites from Northern Chad (Djurab). Journal of African Earth Science, 147 (2018) 126–135.

Otero O., Lécuyer C., Fourel F., Martineau F., Mackaye H.T., Vignaud P., Brunet M. 2011. Freshwater fish δ18O indicates a Messinian change of the precipitation regime in Central Africa. Geology, 39(5): 435–438.



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