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Publications 2022

27 – Dupré S., Mahboubi S., Guy F., Surault J., Benammi M. 2022 – Systematic palaeontology of late Miocene lagomorphs from the Aït Kandoula Basin (Morocco) – Comptes Rendus Palevol 2022 (40): 859-899 –

26 – Berlioz E., Leduc C., Hofman-Kamińska E., Bignon-Lau O., Kowalczyk R., Merceron G. 2022 – Dental microwear foraging ecology of a large browsing ruminant in Northern Hemisphere: The European moose (Alces alces) – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 586: 110754 – doi: 10.1016/j.palaeo.2021.110754

25 – Isarankura Na Ayudhya J., Merceron G., Wannaprasert T., Jaeger J.-J., Chaimanee Y., Shoocongdej R., Suraprasit K. 2022 – Dental mesowear and microwear for the dietary reconstruction of Quaternary Southeast Asian serows and gorals. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10:1000168 – doi: 10.3389/fevo.2022.1000168

24 – Chaimanee Y., Lazzari V., Yamee C., Suraprasit K., Rugbumrung M., Chaivanich K., Jaeger J. J. 2022 – New materials of Khoratpithecus, a late Miocene hominoid from Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Northeastern Thailand, confirm its pongine affinities – Palaeontographica Abteilung A, 147-186 – doi: 10.1127/pala/2022/0129

23 – Gardin A., Salesa M.J., Siliceo G., Antón M., Pastor J. F., De Bonis L. 2022 – The hindlimb of Amphicynodon leptorhynchus from the lower Oligocene of the Quercy Phosphorites (France): Highlight of new climbing adaptations of this early arctoid. J Mammal Evol. –

22 – Le Maître A., Guy F., Merceron G. & Dimitris S. Kostopoulos D. S. 2022 – Morphology of the Bony Labyrinth Supports the Affinities of Paradolichopithecus with the Papionina – Int J Primatol –

21 – Louail M., Caner L., Neaux D., Ortiz K., Locatelli Y., Cucchi T. 2022 – Identifying the Impact of Soil Ingestion on Dental Microwear Textures Using a Wild Boar Experimental Model – Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory – – Accès libre :

20 – Grohé C., Uno K. & Boisserie J.-R. 2022 – Lutrinae Bonaparte, 1838 (Carnivora, Mustelidae) from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Lower Omo Valley, southwestern Ethiopia: systematics and new insights into the paleoecology and paleobio geography of the Turkana otters. Comptes Rendus Palevol 21 (30) : 681-705 –

19 – Walker A. EC, Guy F., Salles C., Thiery G. et Lazzari V. 2022 – Assessment of comminution capacity related to molar intercuspation in catarrhines using a chewing simulator – Bulletins et mémoires de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris, 34 (2) –

18 – Blasi-Toccacceli A., Daver G., Domalain M. 2022 – A review of Multibody Dynamic versus Finite Element Analyses applied in palaeoanthropology: what can we expect for the study of hominin postcranial remains? – Bulletins et mémoires de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris, 34 (2) –

17 – Daver G., Guy F., Mackaye H.T., Likius A., Boisserie J.-R., Moussa A., Pallas L., Vignaud P., Nekoulnang D. C. 2022 – Postcranial evidence of late Miocene hominin bipedalism in Chad. Nature – DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04901-z

16 – Habinger S. G., Chavasseau O., Jaeger J.-J., Chaimanee Y., Soe A. N., Sein C., Bocherens H. 2022 – Evolutionary ecology of Miocene hominoid primates in Southeast Asia – Sci Rep 12, 11841 (2022) –

15 – El Kati I., Benammi M., Hassan Tabyaoui H., Ouabid M., Benammi M. 2022 – Structural style and deformation mechanism of Neogene series of the Guercif basin (NE-Morocco) – Journal of Iberian Geology –

14 – Mahboubi S., Surault J., Benammi M. 2022 – New data on the new micromammalian localities of Afoud (Aït Kandoula Basin, Morocco) at the Mio-Pliocene boundary: Biochronological, paleoecological and paleobiogeographic implications – Geobios –

13 – Plastiras C. A., Thiery G., Guy F., Kostopoulos D. S., Lazzari V., Merceron G. 2022 – Feeding ecology of the last European colobine monkey, Dolichopithecus ruscinensis – Journal of Human Evolution 168 (2022) 103199 – 10.1016/j.jhevol.2022.103199

12 – Harty T., Berthaume M.A., Bortolini E., Evans A. R., Galbany J., Guy F., Kullmer O., Lazzari V., Romero A., Fiorenza L. 2022 – Dental macrowear reveals ecological diversity of Gorilla spp. – Sci Rep 12, 9203 –

11 – Orlandi-Oliveras G., Köhler M., Clavel J., Scott R. S., Mayda S., Kaya T., Merceron G. 2022 – Feeding strategies of circum-Mediterranean hipparionins during the late Miocene: Exploring dietary preferences related to size through dental microwear analysis – Palaeontologia Electronica, 25(1):a13 –

10 – Bonis L. de, Grohé C., Surault J., Gardin A. 2022 – Description of the first cranium and endocranial structures of Stenoplesictis minor (Mammalia, Carnivora), an early aeluroid from the Oligocene of the Quercy Phosphorites (southwestern France) – Historical Biology. – doi: 10.1080/08912963.2022.2045980

9 – Gibert C., Zacaï A., Fluteau F., Ramstein G., Chavasseau O., Thiery G., Souron A., Banks W., Guy F., Barboni D., Sepulchre P., Blondel C., Merceron G. & Otero O. 2022 – A coherent biogeographical framework for Old World Neogene and Pleistocene mammals – Palaeontology 65: e12594 –

8 – Perales-Gogenola L., Merceron G., Badiola A., Gómez-Olivencia A., Pereda-Suberbiola X. 2022 – The evolutionary ecology of the endemic European Eocene Plagiolophus (Mammalia: Perissodactyla) – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 594: 110962 –

7 – Rowan J., Lazagabaster I. A., J. Campisano C. J., Bibi F., Bobe R., Boisserie J.-R., Frost S. R., Getachew T., Gilbert C., Lewis M. E., Melaku S., Scott E., Souron A., Werdelin L., Kimbel W. H., Reed K. E. 2022 – Early Pleistocene large mammals from Maka’amitalu, Hadar, lower Awash Valley, Ethiopia – PeerJ 10:e13210 –

6 – Gibert C., Vignoles A., Contoux C., Banks W. E., Barboni D., Boisserie J.-R., Chavasseau O., Fluteau F., Guy F., Noûs C., Otero O., Sepulchre P., Souron A., Ramstein G. 2022 – Climate-inferred distribution estimates of mid-to-late Pliocene hominins – Global and Planetary Change 210: 103756 –

5 – Robinet C., Merceron G., Catzeflis F., Candela A. M., Marivaux L. 2022 – About inter- and intra-specific variability of dental microwear texture in rodents: Study of two sympatric Proechimys (Echimyidae) species from the Cacao locality, French Guiana – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 591: 110880 –

4 – Neaux D., Louail M., Ferchaud S., Surault J. & Merceron G. 2022 – Experimental assessment of the relationship between diet and mandibular morphology using a pig model: New insights for paleodietary reconstructions – The Anatomical Record: 1-11 –

3 – Blondel C., Merceron G., Rowan J., Surault J. & Boisserie J.-R. 2022 – Dietary ecology of Reduncini (Bovidae) from the Shungura Formation, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 587: 110789 –

2 – Ducrocq S., Soe A. N., Sein C., Chaimanee Y., Chavasseau O. & Jaeger J.-J. 2022 – Neochorlakkia myaingensis n. gen., n. sp., a new Dichobunidae (Mammalia, Cetartiodactyla) from the middle Eocene Pondaung Formation, Myanmar – Comptes Rendus Palevol 21 (4): 115-122. –

1 – Fraaije R. H. B., Van Bakel B. W. M., Jagt J. W. M., Charbonnier S., Schweigert G., Garcia G. & Valentin X. 2022 – The evolution of hermit crabs (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura, Paguroidea) on the basis of carapace morphology: a state-of-the-art-report. Geodiversitas 44 (1): 1-16 –


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