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Access to the collections of PALEVOPRIM

Visiting the collection rooms

At PALEVOPRIM, the rooms dedicated to the conservation of the fossil vertebrates and comparative anatomy collections, heritage of the University of Poitiers, can be accessed on request, for supervised school and university students. Groups are limited to 15 people. The schedule of a visit should be established in advance depending on the availability of the staff in charge of the collections.
For all request, please write to

Research requests

Scientists willing to access our collections for their own research purpose should fill the form below, and then return it to . Request are evaluated in relation to the nature of the requested collections, the research goals and the proposed methods.

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Data acquisition and property

The use of data acquired from the fossil vertebrate collections of PALEVOPRIM is subject to strict rules. These data can be only used for scientific research, without any mercantile purpose. Any individual willing to study these collections will fully accept to clearly indicate the information of inventory, provenience and repository for all specimens in her/his publications and/or any other communication medium.

In addition, the following conditions apply

  • A copy of all acquired images (pictures, surface scans, microCT-scans) will be handed over to PALEVOPRIM. These images will be acquired on site (in the case of microCT-scanning, thank you to contact with Arnaud Mazurier and Franck Guy: and
  • Casts will be made by the casting workshop at PALEVOPRIM.
  • Sampling and peels will be authorized only within the framework of a collaboration with PALEVOPRIM.
  • The University of Poitiers/CVCU/UMR CNRS 7262 PALEVOPRIM keeps the right of using all data acquired from its collections.


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