French-Libyan Paleontological Mission (MPFL)

Libyan Paleogene and Neogene Continental Sedimentary Formations

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Coster P., Beard K.C., Salem M.J., Chaimanee Y., Brunet M., Jaeger J.-J., 2015. A new early Oligocene mammal fauna from the Sirt Basin, central Libya: biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications. Journal of African Earth Sciences 104, 43–55.

Grohé C., Morlo M., Chaimanee Y., Blondel C., Coster P., Valentin X., Salem M., Bilal A.A., Jaeger J.-J., Brunet M., 2012. New Apterodontinae (Hyaenodontida) from the Eocene locality of Dur At-Talah (Libya): systematic, paleoecological and phylogenetical implications. PLoS ONE 7, 1–19.

Abouessa A., Pelletier J., Duringer P., Schuster M., Schaeffer P., Métais E., Benammi M., Salem M., Hlal O., Brunet M., Jaeger J.J., Rubino J.L., 2012. New insight into the sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Dur At Talah tidal-fluvial transition sequence (Eocene–Oligocene, Sirt Basin, Libya). Journal of African Earth Sciences 65, 72–90.

Jaeger J.-J., Beard K.C., Chaimanee Y., Salem M., Benammi M., Hlal O., Coster P., Bilal A.A., Duringer P., Schuster M., Valentin X., Marandat B., Marivaux L., Métais E., Hammuda O., Brunet M., 2010. Late middle Eocene epoch of Libya yields earliest known radiation of African anthropoids. Nature 467, 1095–1098.



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