Corentin GIBERT

Postdoctoral researcher
Associated member

Main research question

In order to retrace such a story, I study different dimensions of the biodiversity of fauna and flora associated with Neogene hominoids.

I am expanding our knowledge of fossil record biases through the study of temporal variations in biodiversity.

I examine the spatial component of biodiversity by revitalizing the famous controversy that fuels assembly theories for decades: niche versus dispersion.

For this purpose I develop advanced computer tools: R function to correct biases, algorithm (PER-SIMPER) to determine the processes at the origin of assemblies.

Topics of study

I am focusing on palaeontological data from the African and Eurasian Neogenes on a large spatial and temporal scale to identify the environmental factors of hominoid dispersion between these continents.

Project management

My contribution in PALEVOPRIM projects corresponds to the scope of the ANR HADOC.

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Iconic publications

Ghislain Thiery, Corentin Gibert, Franck Guy, Vincent Lazzari, Denis Geraads, Nikolai Spassov and Gildas Merceron, 2021 – From leaves to seeds? The dietary shift in late Miocene colobine monkeys of southeastern Europe –

Grohé, C., L. de Bonis, Y. Chaimanee, O. Chavasseau, M. Rugbumrung, C. Yamee, K. Suraprasit, C. Gibert, J. Surault, C. Blondel, J.-J. Jaeger. 2020. The late middle Miocene Mae Moh Basin of northern Thailand: the richest Neogene fauna of Carnivora from Southeast Asia and a paleobiogeographic analysis of Miocene eastern Asian faunas. American Museum Novitates 3952: 1-57. –

Gibert C., Escarguel G. – « PER-SIMPER – a new tool for inferring community assembly processes from taxon occurrences – Global Ecology and Biogeography : Volume 28, Issue 3 March 2019, pp. 374-385.

Gibert C., Escarguel G. – “Evaluating the accuracy of biodiversity changes through geologic times: from simulation to solution” – The Paleontological Society: Volume 43, Issue 4 November 2017, pp. 667-692.

Macroécologie et macroévolution des mammifères cénozoïques d’Amérique du Nord : analyse et modélisation (2017) – Thèse de doctorat.



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