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Jean-Jacques JAEGER

Professor emeritus

Main research question

My research interest concerns the history and the evolution of mammals in South East Asia and the contribution of that province to the emergence of the extant group of mammals.

Topics of study

In this southeastern Asia framework, I specifically work on:

  • the emergence and evolution of anthropoid primates during the Paleogene;
  • the emergence and evolution of apes, notably that of the orang utan lineage;
  • the evolutionary dynamic of mammals in a paleoenvironmental and biochronologic perspective.


In that frame, I supervise the field works and excavations in the Pondaung Formation of Central Myanmar and participate to the field works and excavations organized by Yaowalak chaimanee in Thailand and Laos.


Iconic publications

Jean-Jacques Jaeger, Olivier Chavasseau, Vincent Lazzari, Aung Naing Soe, Chit Sein, Anne Le Maître, Hla Shwe & Yaowalak Chaimanee – New Eocene primate from Myanmar shares dental characters with African Eocene crown anthropoids – Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 3531 (2019).

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Chaimanee, Y., Chavasseau, O., Lazzari, V., Euriat, A., and Jaeger, J.-J. (2013). A new Late Eocene primate from the Krabi Basin (Thailand) and the diversity of Paleogene anthropoids in Southeast Asia. Proceedings of The Royal Society B 280, 20132268.

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Pushkina D., Bocherens H., Chaimanee Y., Jaeger J.-J. (2010) Stable carbon isotope reconstructions of diet and paleoenvironment from the late Middle Pleistocene Snake Cave in Northeastern Thailand. Naturwissenschaften 97:299-309.



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