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Main research question

My primary research interest is in the comprehension of the developmental and evolutionary mechanisms underlying body morphology in vertebrates

Topics of study

For this, I use diverse quantification tools and multivariate statistics to explore the morphological diversity in extant and fossil species.

My current focus is on the genetic aspects of craniofacial development as part of the FWF project “Developmental canalization in the human head”.

I also work on morpho-functional, ontogenetic and phylogenetic aspects of the bony labyrinth and its integration within the cranial base of primates.


I participate to palaeontological excavations in Pleistocene deposits in northern Greece (PIs Dimitris S. Kostopoulos and Gildas Merceron) and in Eocene deposits in Burma (PI Jean-Jacques Jaeger).

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Iconic publications

Anne Le Maître, Nicole D. S. Grunstra, Cathrin Pfaff, Philipp Mitteroecker, 2020 – Evolution of the Mammalian Ear: An Evolvability Hypothesis – Evolutionary Biology –

Jean-Jacques Jaeger, Olivier Chavasseau, Vincent Lazzari, Aung Naing Soe, Chit Sein, Anne Le Maître, Hla Shwe & Yaowalak Chaimanee, 2019 – New Eocene primate from Myanmar shares dental characters with African Eocene crown anthropoids – Nature Communicationsvolume 10, Article number: 3531.

Le Maître A., 2019 – Role of Spatial Integration in the Morphology of the Bony Labyrinth in Modern Humans. BMSAP Volume 31, Numéro 1-2.

Le Maître A, Guy F, Merceron G, Kostopoulos DS., 2019 – Was Paradolichopithecus a macaque-like or a baboon-like primate? New clues in the labyrinth. In: 46. Treffen des Arbeitskreises Wirbeltierpaläontologie in der Paläontologischen Gesellschaft; Vienna, Austria; March 15-17. (Communication orale)

Le Maître A, Mitteroecker P., 2019 – Multivariate genotype – phenotype mapping (MGP): a new tool to explore the genetics of facial morphology in humans. Program of the 1844th Scientific Meeting of the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (SAP); Paris, France; January 23-25; BMSAP 31 (Suppl. 1): S17. (Communication orale)

Le Maître A., 2018 – New insights into the morphological relationship between bony labyrinth and cranial base in modern humans. Program of the 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA); Austin, TX, USA; April 11-14; American Journal of Physical Anthropology 165(S66): 156. (Poster)

Le Maître A, Bienvenu T, Brunet M., 2018 – 3D shape quantification without landmark: using spherical harmonics to compare brain endocast morphology within extant hominoids. In: 10e Symposium national de Morphométrie et Évolution des Formes (SMEF); Bordeaux, France; June 18-20. (Communication orale)

Le Maître A, Schuetz P, Vignaud P, Brunet M., 2017 – New data about semicircular canal morphology and locomotion in modern hominoids. Journal of Anatomy 231(1): 95-109. (

Merceron G, Thiery G, Le Maître A, Guy F, Lazzari V., 2017 – Crunching record from the past: new insights on Mesopithecus. In: 15th Congress of the Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy (RCMNS); Athens, Greece; September 3-6. (Communication orale)



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