March 8 & 9 2021 : 1rst conference virtual for women

On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day, on March 8th & 9th, 2021

1st Virtual Conference for Women Archeologists and Paleontologists

About forty young women researchers will present their works by videoconference
The audience is open to all!

While more women are graduated in higher education than men, they are under-represented in the research community in France, and also in Europe and around the world1, 2. In addition, the Covid-19 crisis seems to have particularly affected women in several areas, including research3, 4. Our aim is here to promote women in our scientific disciplines through the creation of an event open to all.


Participation, registration, additional information: click here

The organizers

  • Julie Bachellerie : PhD student in prehistory at TRACES, her research focuses on technical innovations in the Upper Paleolithic through the example of Late Solutrean groups. She studies more specifically lithic toolkits.
  • Emilie Berlioz : Post-doctoral fellow at TRACES and associate researcher at PALEVOPRIM, Emilie explores the feeding ecology of current and Pleistocene deer from their dental abrasion. She studies their adaptive responses to (paleo)environmental changes.
  • Ana Galán-López : Post-doctoral fellow at TRACES and Dr. in archeology, Ana is specialist in Middle and Upper Paleolithic subsistence strategies. Currently, she is studying reindeer ecomorphology thanks to a Marie Curie grant (Emorph project).
  • Margot Louail : PhD student at PALEVOPRIM, Margot is interested in the influence of diet on the selection of dental characters in suidae and primates. She studies dental data from pigs with different controlled-diets.

Communication support

  • Jonathan Lafont : Part of the PALEVOPRIM laboratory’s communication project, Jonathan is graduated in paleontology and scientific communication. He is the creator of the Youtube channel Paléo-J dedicated to the vulgarization of paleontology.

With the support of

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