March 2021: publication BSGF – Earth Sciences Bulletin

Reassessment of amber-bearing deposits of Provence, southeastern France

The presence of “geological” amber (or “succin” in old French monographs) has been reported for several centuries in the Mesozoic deposits of Provence, southeastern France. Diverse amber-bearing sites were inventoried by the authors but their location and stratigraphical context remain unclear for most of them. In the past decades, various data concerning chemistry, palaeontological content and comparison with archaeological discoveries improved our knowledge of the ambers of Provence, but only those of Cretaceous age. The present paper aims at providing a comprehensive description of all the presently known amber-bearing deposits of Provence, including the description of new sites. We highlight the great potential of Provence ambers and allow to consider a wider time range, from the Early Cretaceous to the Miocene.

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Jean-Paul Saint Martin, Yves Dutour, Luc Ebbo, Camille Frau, Bruno Mazière, Didier Néraudeau, Simona Saint Martin, Thierry Tortosa, Eric Turini and Xavier Valentin – Reassessment of amber-bearing deposits of Provence, southeastern France – BSGF – Earth Sciences Bulletin 2021, 192, 5 –

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