March 7-8 2022: 2nd virtual conference for Women Archaeologists & Paleontologists

2nd virtual conference for women
Archaeologists & Paleontologists

After the successful first edition of the Virtual Conference for Women Archaeologists & Paleontologists in March 2021, we are back this year with the same objective: to make visible the works of women researchers from our disciplines, and to reflect on the problems that intersect us as women in science.

We would like to count on the recent contributions of women researchers (not holding a permanent position) to the study of vertebrate populations and their relationships (including those between humans and other species), as well as to the study of raw materials, past environments and climates, taphonomy and development of new methodologies. Contributions should focused on periods from Neogene to Neolithic.

Deadline for abstract submission: 31/12/2021

You will find more details on the attached document.

To submit an abstract, and if you would like to attend this event in public, please fill out the form on website:  (if you are not registered, you can create your account by clicking on the arrow next to “login”)

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