September 13 2022: international seminar Palevoprim n° 35


François Marchal
UMR ADES, CNRS & Aix-Marseille Université


From one basin to another. Paleoanthropological miscellany

This presentation will be a selective and very partial overview of some thirty years of research in palaeoanthropology. The first part will be devoted to some contributions to the analysis of the evolution of the hominin basin, considered from a systemic and functional perspective, both in terms of locomotion and parturition. A second part will be devoted to works on the Lake Turkana Basin. It will first present the missions in the Fejej region, in southern Ethiopia, and some results of the work resulting from these missions. Secondly, preliminary results concerning the analysis of the fossil hominin record of the Turkana Basin will show the contribution that a detailed and exhaustive knowledge of what constitutes our objects of study can represent, both for the history of the discipline and to contribute to reflections on evolutionary hypotheses.

François Marchal is a CNRS paleoanthropologist, specialist of the pelvic girdle. He is the head of the CNRS GDR PaléObst. He notably works on the origins of genus Australopithecus, on the earliest representatives of genus Homo, as well as on the last Neanderthals and first Homo sapiens in Europe (notably through his fieldwork in Vaucluse). He is extremely active in knowledge diffusion toward students and toward the public. He also plays a pivotal role at the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris


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