November: Publication Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

New fossil remains from Bang Mark locality, Krabi Basin, southern Thailand

We describe several mammal taxa from the poorly known late Eocene locality of Bang Mark, Krabi Basin in southern Thailand. Most of them were unknown in that locality that now includes 19 distinct taxa. The new material corresponds to dental remains that can be attributed to a carnivoran, a dichobunid, ruminants, anthracotheres and perissodactyls. These remains provide information on the affinities of several genera that were uncertain so far. Archaeotragulus might be more closely related to Siamotragulus from the Miocene of Southeast Asia, Pakistan and East Africa, and the tragulid status of Krabitherium is supported by the morphology of its p4. We also describe the smallest known anthracothere, Geniokeryx nanus, sp. nov., and a new species of eomoropid chalicothere, Eomoropus meridiorientalis, sp. nov., that represents the first record of that family in the Krabi fauna. This work also supports the contemporaneity of Bang Mark with Wai Lek and Bang Pu Dam.

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Stéphane Ducrocq, Yaowalak Chaimanee, Jean-Jacques Jaeger, Chotima Yamee, Mana Rugbumrung, Camille Grohé & Olivier Chavasseau – New fossil remains from Bang Mark locality, Krabi Basin, southern Thailand – Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology : e1988624 –

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